Saturday, April 24, 2010

Green Etsy

I have posted some of my favourite green Etsy items at the top of my blog. My favourite is the lovely green hand knitted shawl which is perfect for weather like today (rainy, windy, cool), but how cool is the moss ring??

I buy a lot of my craft items from Etsy. It works out cheaper in a lot of cases to buy from the US and have it shipped than to buy the same thing from Australia. Then of course there is the selection which we miss out on in Australia, particularly Tasmania.

This is 'Budgie' my green and yellow budgie. Isn't he beautiful. I hate birds in cages but I needed someone to keep Whisper company as he was getting lonely. This is Whisper.

Whisper is my long time buddy, We have been together for about fifteen years now. He used to travel around on my shoulder. He likes to stay in his cage these days though. I liked it when he used to have a perch and when I got home from work I had to call him because I never knew where he was. I'd find him sitting on a book shelf or on a curtain rod.

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