Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Other things we saw along the way

OK so these are the last of my photos from Ruby's birthday if you are getting sick of them. If you are enjoying seeing a little bit of Tasmania hang in there for a few weeks because we have 'Scott's Birthday Adventure' coming up soon!

So this is a picture of a thing. I'm not sure what it is called but it is like a 'road' from a dam to the power station. We drove up here because usually you can see a heap of trout swimming along but on this weekend there had been a lot of rain and so the water was too deep to see the fishes.

The water was running quite fast. We thought it would be fun to jump in and go for a ride but we would probably drown when we got to the end so we just threw rocks in instead.

We saw a rainbow and a lake. Actually we saw a lot of lakes.

We saw lots of farms. Tasmania is mostly farms and wilderness.

I made Scott stop so I could make friends with these lovely ladies.

This one was my favourite.

"Oh hello, you are beautiful! Come over here and talk to me"

"Ooooh! I LOVE you. I want to take you home and your nose is so soft and sweet"


"Bye bye"

Our kids travel well.

We see lots of stuff like this.

Next destination = Strahan, in a few weeks! Cant wait!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ruby's birthday party

We all had to dress up.

We had Superman (with baggy pants) a fairy princess and a couple of Spacemen.

... a couple of trolls

This photo was taken before the devestation of running out of wine.

We thought the kids would be tired and go to sleep early after the big adventure in the rain forest...

... but no

Ruby appropriately stole my costume. It took us all night to get around the Monopoly board once and Jesse drank all the wine!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nothing beats an ancient rain forest and a waterfall

Russel Falls in Central Tasmania :)

BEAUTIFUL! This is why I vote green.