Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yeah, it's new!

I thought for Winter I'd have a winter themed blog! Although it isn't very Winter-like down here in Tasmania right now. It is still very much Autumn, with the last of the Autumn leaves still hanging in there and the warm sunny days. It is really lovely and I need to take advantage of it and get outside more.

And mow the lawn!

My herb garden needs a clean out too. The curly parsley has taken over and gone woody. I'll probably pull it all out and feed it to Julia and grow some more. I still have plenty of harvestable continental parsley, thyme and sage. I should plant a bunch of coriander seeds as well.

Yesterday I was thinking about the 2012 conspiracy. My old friend Rob would probably argue that it isn't a conspiracy and he would probably be right. He has read everything ever written about the Mayans predicting the end of the world in 2012 and has a blog dedicated to it. I was reading some of his blog yesterday and it got me thinking. I wonder if I should do something to protect my family... just in case? But then having just read Cormac McCarthy's, 'The Road' I kind of hope we all just quickly get knocked out.

Honestly, I don't believe anything will happen at all. I prefer to be happily ignorant of any future Apocalypse and blend into the beliefs of the masses. Rob's blog is interesting though and he has some good points and I cant deny I believe Mother Nature is pissed. I believe that is why we are having so many earthquakes, severe weather activity and volcanoes. I read a book years ago by horror fiction writer James Herbert called 'Portent' and I think about it every time masses of people are being destroyed in natural disasters. It is uncannily proving to be a little less fiction for my taste.

Rob's blog helped me to realize what happened in 'The Road'. McCarthy never actually tells us why the Earth is covered in ash and why the majority of life has been wiped out. All of the way through that book I kept thinking 'why bother'. I really don't think I would want to live in a world reduced to that. I certainly wouldn't want my children to suffer like the little boy in the book. Although part of me wonders if I shouldn't maybe stock up on some bottled water and canned food... but then I'd be contributing to global warming which is probably a bigger threat to the Earth than a super volcano.

So basically, were fucked aren't we? We have been treating the Earth like shit for hundreds of years and now we may very well have to sleep in that bed.

I really hope the Earth isn't destroyed in 2012. I rather quite like it!

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  1. It's unlikely that anything bad will happen in 2012, but if it does, make sure you have some supplies!