Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oil paint and embroidery

I pulled out my oil paint a little while ago and have been working on a painting in my art room. It is the first time I have tackled oils since having the children. Now that I have a room I can leave it out to dry and not have to worry about my little helpers touching it.

Yeah, I'm a little rusty but it has been fun. I also forgot I had given the kids most of my brushes for their art so I am fumbling through with what ever I can find.

This little lady in the red coat has turned up in another little project I am working on.

This one is embroidery and water paint on linen.

I've been doing a little bit everyday on these. I always seem to have several projects on the go at once. I'm also working on another one like this.

The weather is looking great today. Hard to believe it is the first of Winter. We haven't had much rain, hardly any wind and the weather report this morning said we are not going to have a very cold winter. I'd love a cold Winter but all the animals don't. Today I have to set up a little house for Dustin's chook Sylvester who is officially moving into the orchard.

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