Monday, May 31, 2010

We played masterchef at home

We watch Masterchef sometimes and I like the mystery box challenges. So I thought it would be fun to have our own cooking challenges at home so last night I put an array of ingredients out for Scott and his job was to cook our dinner with them.

He had fresh broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, leek and bananas. Some kangaroo fillets. Poppy seeds, pine nuts, sour cream, short crust pastry sheets, some dried dates and a jar of sweet tomato relish.

I was a bit concerned about how my dinner was going to turn out because he stood there scratching his head for a long time and then he had two little apprentice Masterchefs helping. I sat on the couch with a martini loving not having to cook dinner.

After a while the cooking smells coming from the kitchen were really good so I suspected dinner was going to be a success and it was. He cooked a kind of thick chunky sauce with the leeks, mushrooms, tomatoes, dates and relish and served the kangaroo panfried and very rare. A little bit too rare though. You are supposed to cook kangaroo rare because it is very lean but I'd have preferred he cook it a fraction more because it was pretty much raw in the middle. It was still good.

He also made a very nice cheese sauce to go with the broccoli which was good but kind of clashed a bit with the sauce for the kangaroo. Don't look at this next picture if the thought of very rare meat turns you off!

I think he did a great job. Yeah, it didn't look pretty, the kangaroo was undercooked and the broccoli was as well and it was cold, but still a very nice dinner. He did a great job. It is my turn next Sunday :)

I used some of my new yarn and crocheted a head band which turned out really nice. I love the colours. This colour range is 'Plum party'. I bought the yarn from Ixchel.

While Scott cooked dinner I started making granny squares out of the rest of the yarn. I'm going to make a scarf next!

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