Thursday, May 27, 2010

On the look out for a new bunny

Since we lost sweet Jasper I knew right away I had to get another angora rabbit. I called the breeder who I bought Jasper from but she only has older rabbits. I could take Jasper's brother and I was tempted but I went to the trouble of house training Jasper so that he could come inside and play with the kids and jump around the lounge room. Rabbits are very clean so having him in the house was less trouble than even the cats, who insist on leaving dirty foot prints on everything.

I was told about a lady here in Tasmania whose has a litter of kits so I expressed interest in them. So far I haven't heard back from her though, so I will contact her today. I am hoping to get one from her, otherwise I'll have to keep looking. Angora rabbits are rare in Australia so it isn't easy to always find one.

I am thinking about becoming a breeder myself, except that I am kind of busy and they need a lot of grooming. I also don't have a lot of room,but maybe in the future I might set up a rabbitry here on the farm. Maybe when the kids are both at school full time.

I was planning on opening a shop in our closest town when the kids go to school but since living here for that last five years I realise Scottsdale isn't a very good town for business. Scottsdale isn't really a very good town for anything. Unlike some of the other pretty historical towns in Tasmania, Scottsdale is commercial and ugly. I am glad we live out here in Springfield where it is only farms and bush.

Now I am planning on a home business when the kids are at school. I cant wait to have that freedom after being a stay home mum for more than five years. I miss making a substantial living, although Scott does pretty well in his business I miss having that independents of knowing you work hard for everything you have.

I have the farm and I make a little money from that. Mainly from leasing out some land. I am due a cheque any day now from the potato farmers who have been leasing some of our land for the potato growing season. Most of that money will go towards house renovations.

Yesterday we went to Launceston to pick out paint for Dustin's new bedroom. He chose red, blue and silver. So this weekend will be busy painting. We also have Juliet's house to build. As soon as we have an appropriate house for her she will loose her virginity and hopefully in Spring we will have lots of little baby piggies :)

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