Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roast your tomatoes

I bought a bag of tomatoes that were over ripe the other day so yesterday I made roasted tomato sauce with them. Sooo yummy! You have to roast some tomatoes.

Quarter them and sprinkle them with some good olive oil, salt and pepper and some balsamic vinegar. I ran out of balsamic (OMG!) that NEVER happens. I usually always have a few bottles in the cupboard... so this time I used red wine vinegar which worked really well. And then sprinkle them with sugar. Into a moderate oven and take them out when they look like this:

Your house will smell delicious! You can put them in salads, or with some goats cheese or on some toasted sour dough (yum), but I blended mine up into a pasta sauce with chorizo and cauliflower and it was delicious!

If I was a chef I'd probably skin them and core them but I'm not a chef, just a plain old family cook. Of course if you can grow your own they will be even better but all my tomatoes are finished now :(

Those are not tomatoes of course. They are tamarillos which I think kind of taste like tomatoes. These were growing in the Hobart Botanical Gardens the other week. I didn't know they could grow down here. I always thought they were tropical. Maybe you need a brick wall to grow them near (to keep them warm). Of course now I have to grow tamarillos too.

Here are some of the tomatoes I grew last summer.

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