Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It is almost over

I think Autumn is my favourite season because growing up in South East Queensland we never really had Autumn. It was just hot and wet. The wet season. In Tasmania the Autumns are awash with colour and it is a time to make the most of the last of the warm days, mowing lawns, chopping fire wood, getting animals ready for the winter, crocheting or knitting blankets, scarves, and mittens. Stocking up on red wine and hot chocolate and lots of baking.

Last weekend we took a walk through the Hobart Botanical Gardens to enjoy the last of Autumn.

As I am working on this post, a minute ago Ruby came running into the house with her pants around her ankles and her hand on her bum squealing "I have to do a POO!" Talk about leaving things for the last minute :)

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