Saturday, May 29, 2010

All alone

Sylvester is our last remaining chook. The others have all gone to live with friends of ours. Now for the first time in about seven years I am henless. It is strange. Yesterday I forgot to buy eggs because I am not used to needing to. There have always been so many we feed them to Juliet the pig and the dogs or back to the hens.

Now I have the winter to get ready for new chickens. I need to buy an incubator, set up the chicken brooder and clean out the hen house and maybe plant a few more trees and a forage crop in the chook yard.

Sylvester is Dustin's chook. I bought him last year at a garage sale! I had a pet silkie hen, Sylvia, but she died last summer. She was quite old but I was devastated. I have a feeling Sylvester shagged Sylvia to death :(

So poor Sylvester is wandering around looking lost and wondering where all the women are.

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