Monday, May 3, 2010

Cats and dogs

Last night I got up in the middle of the night (to pee) and I noticed on my way back to bed Karma was in bed asleep with Dustin, Bridge was in bed asleep with Ruby, Amrak was in our bed asleep, Shaggy was asleep on the couch and Gretel was asleep on a rug by the fire.

Then this morning I realised there are more animals sleeping in our house than there are people!

The dogs are only allowed in at bed time and Shaggy isn't supposed to sleep on the couch but we turn a blind eye to that because he has bad hips because Scott ran over him a couple of years ago. Usually the dogs sleep outside except for really cold nights, however, the bedding in their kennels is wet due to some windy rain we had recently so I let them in the house.

I have to move their kennels this week to under the carport where it is more sheltered.

The cats have a 'bedroom' set up in the laundry with a bottomless tub of dry cat food, water and beds, but we let them in to take care of the seasonal mice problem and now they will probably stay inside until Spring.

I also have my birds and my rabbit living in my art room during the night time. We love animals at our house :)

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