Thursday, June 3, 2010

A freaking TORNADO!!??!

I didn't think it was possible for Australia to get tornadoes but apparently this morning there was one on the New South Wales north coast. It was breaking news a little while ago. Some massive water spout came out of the sea and tore rooves off houses and some poor bugger is missing :(

I have always been fascinated with storms and fancied myself a storm chaser one day... maybe not, but I do like storms. It is the only thing I miss about my home state of Queensland, the great storms... and mangoes and warm ocean temperatures!

Other news I was glad to hear about this morning is the mother of the two little boys who were found dead in their house this week was cleared of suspicion. It seems they were poisoned by carbon monoxide coming from a faulty heater. As sad as that is I am so glad it was an accident and not the mothers work which the media was speculating. Still, how horrible for the poor mother. I don't think I would survive that. I wouldn't want to.

I watch too much news. It is all bad lately. This oil spill in the US is depressing me and if I have to hear Sarah Ferguson's voice one more time I am going to put my foot through the TV!

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  1. I stopped watching the news ages ago. It made me hugs my kids so much they told their dad they thought I was cracking up. Now if it's important...really important...someone will tell me about it.