Friday, June 4, 2010

Lazy school holidays

It is school holiday time and although Dustin only goes to kindergarten two days a week we are still in holiday mode which includes sleeping in and lazy mornings. Our mornings go like this:

5.00am Scott gets up and gets ready for work (no holidays for him).
5.01am I wriggle over into the middle of the bed and go back to sleep.
5.45am Scott comes and kisses me goodbye and wishes me a good day. I grunt and go back to sleep.
7.00am Dustin comes in and crawls into bed with me and gives me a kiss and a cuddle and goes back to sleep.
7.30am Dustin gets up goes out into the lounge room and watches cartoon/news/porno movies? I don't have a clue because I am still asleep. (For the record we actually don't own any porn that I know of).
7.40am Dustin comes in to tell me he is "STARVING" I tell him ok I'll come and make him breakfast then he goes back to the TV and I go back to sleep.
7.50am Dustin comes in and says "MUUUUUMMM!" I'm STARVING". I say "OK Honey I'm getting up right now" he goes back to the lounge room and I go back to sleep.
8.00am Ruby comes in and gets in bed with me and gives me a kiss and a cuddle and goes back to sleep.
8.10am Dustin comes in getting mad now and I tell him I am coming. I lay there for a second thinking about what a bad mother I am and then go back to sleep.
8.30am Ruby wakes up and asks me to make her a hot chocolate. I say OK she goes to join Dustin and I go back to sleep.
8.40am Both kids come in and jump on me and put their cold hands on me and plead for breakfast.
8.41am I contemplate giving them permission to make their own pancakes for breakfast but am deterred the the mess I will inevitably have when they are finished so I reluctantly get up and make them hot chocolates and breakfast.

So yesterday I finished my lady in the storm and put her in a little vintage Italian brass frame. I'll hang her up in my art and craft room when I buy some little nails in town today.

I've kept the little silk print that was in the frame and put it in a draw for future use. I love these little Italian frames and will have to get some more. They are great for little embroideries like this.

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