Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday on the farm

We stayed home yesterday and did some work around the farm.

That is Juliet's new house. It is all finished so we didn't have to do anything to that. I might paint it with wood stain one day but for now it is done.

I moved the sheep into the chook yard to eat the grass. No one lives in there at the moment as we only have Sylvester until Spring when I am going to hatch a new flock of chooks.

Sylvester is a pure bred Sylkie rooster. I am going to get him some hens in Spring. For now he is an only chook so he is going to be living in the orchard next to the house so the kids can feed him through the fence. He's a bit aggressive and chases Ruby so I am hoping if she spends enough time out there feeding him he'll start to like her and not be so mean.

Problem was he jumped up onto his house, then onto the fence and then went home to the chook house as it was getting dark. I expected he would do that but he isn't very bright so I was hoping he'd just go to bed in the little house. Today I'll have to clip his wing so he cant jump up onto his house (it doesn't hurt).

Having your testicles removed does though and unfortunately two little bulls had to have the 'operation' yesterday.

Jimmy has a new coat! Isn't he handsome?

Scott worked on our new entrance.

We had a happy day :)

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