Saturday, April 17, 2010

Smokey skies

The forestry are burning off again and the skies have been full of smoke. The industry in our area is mostly wood plantations and farming. There are a couple of big mills here except they are all closing down, or have closed down. I'm not up to date with all the local business politics.

This time every year after the forestry have harvested the wood they burn off all the left over stuff. They were burning off on the other side of the hill opposite our farm and it looks like the fire may have escaped because on Thursday there was a helicopter delivering water beyond the hill.

Yesterday there was a strange mix of smoke and clouds and it seemed to insulate us from the cool weather and it was very quiet.

The last time they burnt off a few weeks ago the wind blew the smoke all over the place and it was so smoky you could hardly see the hills.

Today I cant tell if it is cloudy or smokey or both. I am hoping for rain!

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