Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No bus trip this morning

We went up to catch the bus this morning, well Dustin did. It was his first time on the bus. When the bus came and stopped at the top of our driveway all the kids on the bus were so excited because they were stopping somewhere new and they all looked out the window to see who they were picking up and there was just too much pressure.

He went all shy and jumped into my arms. He said "everyone was looking at me". Poor baby :) So he is going to catch the bus home this afternoon. I hope. I think he will do better when I am not there and he is with other kids already.

He is only five. I thought five was too young to catch the bus by himself but half the kids in his kindergarten class catch the bus and a few are even on his bus so I guess it is OK. Living in a rural area where everyone knows each other makes some things easier. Scott even knows the bus driver.

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