Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rosie likes to lick

The kids are moving out into the lounge room tonight. Ruby is still sleeping on her mattress on Dustin's bedroom floor because I haven't finished her room. Today I am taking both their mattresses out and putting them on the floor in the lounge room so they can have a 'slumber party' tonight by the fire while watching DVDs.

I have to do the last coat on Dustin's floor and also spray paint his bed because the silver I painted on his bed first didn't take very well for some reason. That shouldn't be a huge job providing I can spray paint his bed without getting silver paint everywhere. We'll see! I have drop sheets. I should take the bed apart and put it outside but last time I did that I broke it.

Tonight we have friends coming around for pizza so all the kids can lay down and go to sleep on the floor while watching 'Alice in Wonderland' our new favourite movie. I have a lot to do today. I have to go and buy stuff for dinner (I am out of flour), make pizza bases, chop up stuff for pizza, tidy up the house and paint Dustin's floor and bed. I also want to try and mow the lawn later.

AND, I am reading the second book in Charlaine Harris' Harper Connelly series and I have to find SOME time to get a few chapters of that in!

Last night we had hot dogs and Monopoly night! I made everyone hot dogs I had the vegetarian variety and then we settled down by the fire to play Monopoly. Ruby got bored first even though she was buying all the good real estate and cleaning up on rent payments! So we packed all our money and real estate up and put it in paper bags for next time.

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