Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kids rooms almost done!

The builder is here putting the new door on Dustin's room. He is also going to fix Ruby's door which has grown since Scott put it on a year or two ago. I am also going to get him to put the skirting boards on Ruby's floor. He is very slow. He owes us money and is working it off as slowly as possible. The shit!

Dustin used his blackboard for the first time yesterday. He was waiting for me to finish the last coat of paint and now his blackboard is covered in his and Ruby's art.  It looks great!

Dustin's room is mostly done now. I still have half his curtain to hang now that I have enough hooks, and I'll have to paint his door but that is it. Last night they both slept in their own rooms apart for the first time. The last couple nights Dustin slept with Ruby to keep her company in her new room and prior to that she was sleeping in his room while hers was getting done.

It is going to be great to be able to send them to their rooms to have a break from each other when they start fighting, which happens way to often for my comfort.

Other than the skirting boards the painting is done in Ruby's room and she has begun to move in. She needs some new furniture though and I have only begun painting the butterflies she asked for on her walls.

Yes, it is very pink!

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