Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last day of vegetarian month

Giving up meat for a month has been really easy. I haven't even been tempted. I did have a craving for anchovies but that was all. I accidentally broke my vegetarian diet twice. Once when I took a bread roll out of the freezer and toasted it and after I ate it I had something in my teeth which I discovered was ham and I realised it was one of those rolls with cheese and ham on the top.

I also ate some chocolate which had marshmallows in it and I realized that the marshmallows would have had gelatin in them, still I didn't stop eating it. (It was Cadbury's Rocky Road)!!

Gelatin is in a lot of stuff. Yogurt, lollies, thickened cream, sour cream, although you can buy brands which don't contain it. I'll be doing that from now on. I am also not going to eat any processed meat anymore and I am only going to buy locally farmed meat. One day I hope to be able to farm all our own meat. We currently have two years worth of organic beef in the freezer which I farmed humanely here on our farm, next year we will have lamb, chicken and pork as well.

I cant say I feel any better or worse from giving up meat. I have lost one kilo but I ate a lot of carbs and cheese, a lot more than usual. I ate a bit more junk food like fried chips than I usually would have and I skipped meals because I couldn't be bothered making something different for myself than the rest of the family. Scott would NEVER give up meat!

I am not especially looking forward to eating meat again. I am looking forward to being able to cook easy meals and not have to think of something separate for me to eat.

Next month I am giving up dairy. That is going to be a lot harder.

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