Monday, August 2, 2010

So far so good

Day one of my month of being a vegetarian was easy. Nothing to tempt me except fresh fish that Scott and Dustin brought home from yesterdays fishing. I didn't mind because I had three lovely ripe avocados so I made an avocado bruchsetta while everyone else had fresh fish and chips.

Tonight I think I will make a vegetarian gnocchi for everyone. I think I will have to give up butter as well. This morning we had toasted crumpets with butter and honey, so good but the butter has to go, at least from my diet anyway.

There are a few signs of Spring popping up lately. This morning I spied the first daffodils out along the driveway and the flowers are coming up in the old cream pots.

In a few weeks all these lovely green paddocks will be ploughed up for potatoes and we will see the whole process of ploughing, planting, fertilizing, harvesting and resowing all over again.

One of Dustin's chores is to collect the mail. Sometimes Ruby goes with him. It has only been recently that I would let them go up to the mail box by themselves. The dogs go with them. It isn't very far but we get logging trucks on the road up there so they have to stay away from the road. The road is windy so at least the vehicles are going slow and the kids a pretty sensible.

I received some new fabric in the mail. I LOVE it. I am making place mats out of this for our dining room table and I have decided to buy more and recover the dining room chars and make some cushions for the couches out of it. I love it!!

I love the idea of covering my chairs with little chairs :)

Tomorrow I will post some photos of my place mats. I had a little trouble with them but I have sorted it out now. I blamed my poor sewing machine but alas, twas not the machine, twas me!

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