Thursday, March 25, 2010


The Autumn weather is coming on slowly this year so the days are still quite warm and we have yet to light a fire. It is time to start all the preparations for winter. Fire wood is being delivered this year because Scott is too busy with his mechanical workshop to go and chop it down and split it. We have a huge dead tree laying at the bottom of the paddock but we might have to hire someone to come and split it up.

All our animals need preparing for winter with warm beds and access to sheds and the gardens need cleaning up ready for the cold months where they mostly sit resting and waiting for the cold frosts to ease in Spring.

I have been planning on making an Autumn themed quilted table cloth for our dining room and the other day I took a route to Launceston (our closest city an hour away) which I don't usually take and we stopped in a small town called Lilydale.

I wanted to go to the antique shop but it wasn't open. What was open was a quilt shop I hadn't ever noticed before. So we went in and I fell in love. It was the prettiest shop I have seen in ages. Very country style with a huge collection of fabrics I haven't ever seen before. Of course I had to buy some.

I'm looking forward to getting started on this project but I am still working on some cushions so I am hoping to finding some time to get them finished first.

The birds are waking up and the sun is starting to rise. I wonder what today is going to bring?

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