Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It is autumn in Tasmania and although the weather is cooling down, there is still a lot of green around. My apricot trees are beginning to turn and the cherry tree but the grass is still growing and still needs mowing urgently. It is beginning to look like the cows should be let in to eat it.

The cosmos I grew from seed outside the kids bedroom window are about to flower. I wonder how long they will live before it gets cold. They are in a sheltered spot with morning sun so they might last a couple of months.

I am not sure what these are called but they had died down and now they are blooming again. I love having flowers growing around the house. It is time to plant the bulbs for spring so I should get out into the garden in the next few days and get to work.

Inside I have been working on crocheted blankets for winter. I plan on making one for each of us. Dustin's is blue and green. I have been using up some old yarns so most of his so far is made from old stuff in my yarn stash.

Some other interesting green news in Tasmania is that the recent state election produced a history making success for the Tasmanian Green Party with the highest voting percentage in the party's history and I am proud to say that my vote last Saturday contributed to that.

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