Sunday, March 28, 2010


I am a little annoyed with my two year stint at learning how to crochet. I have been using a Paton's book to teach me and it is all wrong. The Paton's book says that what I am doing is double crochet but the other book I have from the library and all the You Tube tutorials says I am doing single crochet. Bugger it!


  1. Hi Kelli, it's Wendy (spinweaver) You probably know this now, but British and American crochet standards are totally different. Who knows why. It would help if you could stick to either patterns in one "nationality" or the other. By the way, thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, I really enjoy your blog!

  2. As Wendy said, the stitches are the same, it's just the names which are different. As long as you work out when you start using a book or pattern which system it is using and then mentally translate (or go through any pattern using the 'wrong' system editing it). I think you'll find most patterns & books you get in Australia (other than American imports) will use the British system and most free patterns on the net will use the US one.