Friday, March 26, 2010


I woke up this morning to a horn blaring outside. I was having a sleep in and planned on staying in bed late but when I peeked out my window a car was chasing three cows down my driveway. So I got up and walked up the driveway in my pijamas to lock the cows in.

I then discovered that the three mystery cows were actually two steers and a bull. Of course Daisy, my horny house cow came running over to the fence to introduce herself. Then one of the steers broke through our fence into the paddock with my cows. Great!

Turns out the cattle belong to a neighbor, obviously, and another neighbor is coming over soon to collect them. Not an easy task now that the other steer has also broken through my fence so two of them are in with my cows and the other one is in the driveway.

They would have been in my backyard had my dogs not chased them back up the driveway. At least they are not on the road causing car accidents.

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