Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Morning

On school mornings I usually get up early at 5.00am but the last few days I have been a little unwell so this morning I told Scott I wasn't getting up when the alarm went off. I didn't even turn the alarm off. He had to get up and do that, even though the alarm is on my side of the bed.

After a few minutes I realised that I actually felt alright and then it occured to me that I had slept through the night without waking up once, which is rare even when I am well. With that good news in mind I asked Scott to make me a cup of tea which he kindly did and I went right back to sleep again with my untouched cup of tea on the bedside table next to me.

At 7.30am, Dustin came and jumped into bed with me shocked that I was still in bed "on a SCHOOL MORNING!!!" He said usually when he gets up breakfast is ready and his lunch and his clothes and all his school stuff! He was totally shocked and I was glad that he noticed and appreciated everything I do for him in the mornings.

Soon Ruby came in and I spent the next half hour laying in bed with four little arms wrapped around me and the chatting of my two little monsters angels.

So we eventually got out of bed to a beautiful morning and raced into town to the bakery where I fed my children chocolate milk and chocolate muffins for breakfast and bought some sandwiches, a cupcake and a bottle of water for Dustin's lunch and then we dropped him off right on time.

When we returned home shortly after I asked Ruby what she wanted to do and she said "A project". That usually means something messy.

This kept her busy for a couple of hours while I started the house work and discovered we had no power and then remembered the notice from the power company telling me we were not going to have power today until 3.00pm due to line work.

As for me I couldn't vacuum, or do laundry, so I reluctantly washed the dishes and fed the pig, made beds, took the rubbish out, same old same old...

Then I sat in a chair in the sun and worked on my crocheted blanket and watched Ruby jump on the trampoline.

Ruby never gets lonely when Dustin is at school.

I hope you had a good morning too :)

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