Saturday, March 27, 2010


The stray cattle have been claimed. They are staying here for a few days to settle down and since one of them is a pure bred jersey bull my pure bred jersey cow is quite happy about that, and it is good timing too because if she does get pregnant then we will have a summer calf. She went over to the jersey farm across the highway this time last year but it turned out she was already very pregnant and we didn't realise, although I did have my suspicions.

Even the experienced dairy farmer across the highway didn't realise she was pregnant. So her calf from last year is almost a year old now so if she comes on heat while the bull is here then we might get that pure bred jersey offspring I wanted last year!

We live in a old farm house on an old dairy farm. We have been here for four years now and the house is in serious need of repair and renovations. Although we have done a lot on the outside, fences, paddocks, sheds, orchards and gardens, we have done very little inside. It is a little hard to renovate with toddlers so we have been putting it off. Now the kids are five and almost four so it is time to start thinking about some serious work.

Right now we have a mouse problem. Although we have three cats they live outside for the summer so I have opened the cat door so they can come in and get them. We also had to buy some mouse traps. Yesterday I was reading a book on the couch and a cute little mouse stuck his head out from under the couch. Mice are pretty little things but I don't want them in my house so the cats have officially been admitted back inside the house.

Amrak is my most lovable but annoying cat. She likes to sleep with me and she does that thing with her paws and crawls all over me in bed and dribbles. She is very funny but I think I am going to have to shut the hallway door because she gives me a terrible nights sleep.

Often she'll wake Scott up and she'll go flying but she is so forgiving she comes back again and again and again. We love her though.

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