Monday, July 12, 2010

Almost done

Dustin's new bedroom is almost finsihed. He is sleeping in there and Ruby is sleeping on a mattress on his floor because I have started her room as well. All that is left to do in Dustin's room is another coat of paint on his bed and the floor which I plan on doing the day we leave for our trip to Strahan in a couple of weeks.

I also need to buy some hooky things to hang up his other curtain. He currently has half his window covered in purple velvet. I'll probably go to Launceston to get them this week.

I also have to scrape off the paint which is on the glass on his window and that is about it, other than his new door which needs to be cut to size and painted. I'll paint it after it is done. The cutting is Scott's job of course.

It is all looking really good. Very cute and cosy with a kind of retro feel. I'm loving it and so is he.

I'll take some more photos when we get some light. It has been dark and rainy for about a week. Not good photo taking weather.

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