Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I was right!

Julia Roberts did play Liz in the movie version of 'Eat Pray Love'. I should move to the USA and become a casting director!!! Cant wait to see the movie now that I have read the book.

I finished the book yesterday when I should have been doing my housework. I loved Bali. India, not so much. LOVED Italy. I want to learn Italian and move my family to Ubud for a few months. India... not so much. I wasn't particularly interested in her most deepest spiritual feelings and I was disappointed when she gave up her plans to travel in India to spend more time at the Ashram.

Still it was a good book. Lisa bought me 'Committed' the follow up book and I am going to read that soon. First I have to read Charlaine Harris' 'Dead in the Family' for a Sookie fix. It has been a few months since I finished the series and I've just received the newest book in the mail last week. Yay!

Nothing like a pile of good books to get your through the Winter.

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