Friday, July 16, 2010

Vintage linens and brand new kittens

A little while ago my kids asked for a puppy. We had been at a BBQ and a little boy had the cutest puppy in all the whole world. A little white fluffy thing that eventually grows into a very large white fluffy thing.

Problem is we already have two dogs which we had before we had the kids and we have decided (Scott and I) that we would not get another dog because we have plans to travel and dogs make it really hard. I suggested to the kids that I may get them a kitten one day. Cats are a lot less trouble (unless they pee in your slippers but that is a story for another time). So Dustin and Ruby had their future kittens names already picked out and they have been talking about them for months so when I heard about a women who had two litters of kittens which all desperately need homes I fugured now is as good a time as any. Therefor, here is Pepper, Dustin's new kitten.

He looks really sad in this photo but he was actually just tired and ready for a long sleep on my bed.

Ruby has Rosie (photos tomorrow). The kittens were just running wild in the house everywhere so the kids went running around finding them and eventually picked out there favourites. I thought they would have chose the fluffy kittens but they likes the smaller ones with "little heads" better. They are so sweet with them. A little impatient though.

They now have chores to do in order to save up for the "operations to stop them having babies" I said I will pay half if they save up the rest.

I received these lovely vintage guest towels in the mail this week which I purchased from Ebay. I have a big plan for these.

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