Friday, July 2, 2010


My new shopping bag! I tested it out last night at the supermarket. I fit in 2 litres of milk, cheese, sour cream, corn chips, avocados, salsa, refried beans (I made nachos last night), yoghurt, chocolate, and a few other things I cant remember. It fits about the same as the ugly green bags but is pretty. The pocket is large and deep and was a great place to put my car keys.

I still need at least five more though.

First this spot needs something...

It held together well. It was pretty full when Ruby and I left the store.

And I got to use up some vintage buttons.

The tea staining was easy and went well with the country chicken fabric which I have had for ages.

Today I am making wheat bags for the kids. Dustin really liked this chicken fabric so I'll use up the rest of it for his. Next week I'll have to try and find time to make another bag.

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