Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Making a present for their dad

Last week they were busy making a good luck fishing necklace and a matching key ring for Scott's new boat for his birthday. Dustin also made one for himself and Ruby made herself a tiara.

Tomorrow they are having a sleep over at a friends house. It is Scott and my ten years anniversary. The anniversary of our first kiss. Cant believe it has been ten years. Ten very busy years. We bought three houses and lived in three different states. Sold two of those houses. Bought a business and sold that. Had two kids. Travelled around a lot of Australia, although we still have a lot more travelling to do.

Five of those ten years have been here on Willowdale where life has quieted down. The plan was to move to Tasmania to simplify life and we haven't quite achieved that yet. But we have done alright and we are happy and looking forward to the next ten years. We might even get around to getting married some time in the next ten!

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