Sunday, July 4, 2010

A peak in Dustin's new bedroom

Dustin is away on the mainland with Scott so I have been busy trying to get his room ready for when he comes home on Tuesday. I am almost there. Right now I am waiting for the first coat of paint to dry on his bed. I have about an hour and then I can recoat.

The colours look really good. He picked them out himself. The floor isn't as red as I would have liked it to be. We let the paint man at Bunning's change our mind about the red paint we had and suggested we buy a red pathing paint. It looks OK but isn't as bright. But I think it will do. When everything is in and he has mats down I think it will be fine.

He wanted an owl in a tree on his wall. He has a HUGE owl on a branch which couldn't possibly be strong enough to hold him. Way out of proportion, but I suppose there are not many huge purple, blue and red owls with glittery wings in the world anyway!

I have to hang his curtain's tonight, paint more of the floor and finish painting his bed. Tomorrow I have to move his fish tank in, do a few touch ups and paint the rest of the floor. I might get it don't before he gets home.

Next week we will get him a new door. I also want to get him a bedside table and a loungy chair so we will still be adding to his room even though we will be starting Ruby's pink and purple bedroom.

I made him a mat today to go beside his bed but at the last moment I stuffed it full of cushion filling. It is now a 'fat mat'. It is all cushiony. When he gets out of bed in the morning he will have something warm and soft for his feet to land in and he'll also have something nice to sit on when he is playing on the floor with his Lego and trains.

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  1. ah groovie - cant wait to come see the red floor and the cushiony mat!