Saturday, July 3, 2010

While the cats are away... the mice work really hard trying to get the little cats new bedroom ready for him.

Just got home from shopping in Launceston. Found a cute little desk for Dustin's new room in a thrift shop for $12. I also bought a few other fun little things while we were there. I got a haircut and we did a little bit of other shopping including new sheets sets for all of us and at Bunning's Ruby picked out eleventy billion paint colours for her bedroom which we will do as soon as Dustin's is finished.

On the way home we stopped at Myrtle Park to pick up some stones for Dustin's fish tank which I will be moving into his room tomorrow. That cute little basket Ruby has is one of my thrift shop purchases from today so it has come in handy already.

I made Dustin and Ruby wheat bags for their beds yesterday. The kind you heat up in the microwave and put in bed with you on cold nights. Dustin liked the chicken fabric I used on the shopping bag so I used the rest of it for his wheat bag. The red will match his room nicely.

I have also started getting fabric ready to make him a mat for his floor. I'm wondering if I'll need to put something non-slip under it. But first I have to paint his floor. The old floor boards are a bit old so we patched up the gaps and are painting it red for him (one of his colour choices). I need to get his floor painted by tomorrow afternoon but I think that will be a fairly easy job. I'm hoping a paint roller will do the job.

Right now though I have animals to feed and heaps to do before dinner time. We are going to a friends house for dinner tonight :)

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