Monday, July 26, 2010

A weekend away

We are back from another weekend away. It is good to be home again though. The weather while we were away was wet but today at home it is warm and sunny. Not that the weather stopped us from having a good time but it wasn't quite as relaxing as our usual trips away. I think I was just pissed that I didn't get much time to embroider and crochet and draw because there were too many people to talk to and so many little children running around squealing, mine including. Also, I didn't sleep all that well because I hurt my shoulder a few days ago and it still hasn't gotten back to normal.

Still, it was a good weekend but we probably should have made it a day or two longer because Strahan is a little far to go for only two nights. I had three novels in my bag and didn't have time to read any of them :(

The weekend was for Scott's birthday so we went to Strahan which is six hours away from us, but instead of driving for six hours straight we decided to break up the trip by staying a night up in the mountains on the way. We stayed at the Central Highlands Lodge. Which isn't as nice as the website makes it out to be. I was annoyed because when we went to check in we discovered that our cabin was actually five kilometres away from the actual lodge. This turned out to be a good thing though as our cabin was actually a four bedroom house and there were tonnes of room for some rowdy kids and two cars with boats and trailers to fit nicely.

After we unpacked we headed back to the lodge for pizzas and I gave Scott his 'Emergency Shipwreck Box' to put in his new boat, for his birthday and the kids gave him his lucky fishing necklace which they made for him.

The service at the lodge was soooooo slow but the pizzas were good and we were all in good moods so we didn't mind so much.

After dinner we went back to our cabin and listened to music and sat by the fire and drank wine and laughed and stayed up way too late. The kids and the fathers played a game of 'bowls' where the kids were the bowling pins and the balls were pillows from the couches and the hallway was the lane. The fathers would hurl the cushions down the 'lane' and see how many children they could knock down. There was a lot of squealing and excitement and I was glad we were five kilometres away from the lodge then.

In the morning it was icy cold but no snow. That was one cold boat.

I'll share more of our trip tomorrow. Right now I have some very exciting housework to do :)

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