Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey! That is my pillow!

I am doing a 3x3 inch art swap and the theme is 'Red'. I think three inches square is such a fun little size for my ladies. Here is mine ready to go.

I am a bit annoyed that I smudged the outline on this though. I am already working on a blue one and I think I might do a few more swaps for this size so I can have a small collection of miniature art to frame and hang up in Dustin's new bedroom.

Today I have to get ready for our weekend away to Strahan. It is Scott's birthday tomorrow and we are taking his new boat to the other side of Tasmania for some fun. Three families all together so it is going to be a great weekend. Get ready for LOTS of photos when we get back.

Don't worry! Someone is coming to take care of the kittens :) Although we will miss them while we are away.

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